The Cardiovascular


The Cardiovascular Institute

The Cardiovascular Institute of Southern Oregon was formed in 2004 and facilitated the partnership of distinguished cardiologists from Southern Oregon Cardiology with renowned vascular surgeons from Oregon Surgical Specialists. The partnership is further strengthened through the participation of Rogue Valley Medical Center, one of the nation’s 100 top Cardiovascular Hospitals.

The Institute was specifically designed and built to house a comprehensive array of outpatient diagnostic tools including cardiac catheterization, vascular angiography, and non-invasive tests such as echocardiograms, stress tests, and vascular ultrasound. The Institute not only expands the diagnostic capabilities available in the region, but improves the patient experience in an outpatient setting specifically designed to optimize cardiovascular care.

Research Studies

The Cardiovascular Institute is helping to advance cardiovascular medicine through participation in nationally recognized cardiac and vascular research studies. These studies test new technologies and treatment options which keep our team of cardiologists and vascular surgeons at the forefront of patient care.

When the endoluminal aortic graft was approved to use by the FDA in 1999, the vascular surgeons of Oregon Surgical Specialists were one of the first in the country to be invited for exclusive training in the use this device. Based on the number of cases and their complexities, Oregon Surgical Specialists has the most experience implanting the FDA approved endoluminal grafts in the entire Pacific Northwest. For more information on this advanced minimally invasive technique please visit our Vascular Screening Program and learn about Aortic Aneurysm screening.



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